The Seminário Bíblico do Nordeste (SBNE Northeast Biblical Seminary) is a theological seminary that provides practical Biblical academics and experience for people who feel God’s calling to ministry. It trains students from several different evangelical denominations but focuses on training Community Church pastors and leaders. Community Church students must be already serving in their local churches as a demonstration of their heart’s desire and God’s leading in their lives.

SBNE offers four year degrees equivalent to the Bachelor of Arts degree. The goal of SBNE is to train the whole person for the work of Christ.

The Northeast Bible Seminary came into being through a series of unexpected events which resulted in a wonderful opportunity. A forty room hotel on a main boulevard in Carpina, Brazil, was offered to Pastor Tele Moraes for an unbelievable $179,000 in 1999. Several individuals and Community Churches in the US and Brazil contributed to make the purchase a reality by the Spring of 2000. Both US and Brazilian workers have given time, effort and money to turn the facility into a quality, Bible-based training ground. The dream is to provide free biblical education and practical training to Brazilians who are following God’s direction in their lives to become pastors, leaders, and church planters in their country.

In order to receive a Scholarship to the SBNE a student needs to be an active member of his or her local Community Church and be interviewed and recommended by the church elders. Students from Community Churches who attend SBNE feel called to church leadership and planting, but come from poor families, so scholarships make it possible for them to follow God’s call on their lives.

To send one person to SBNE costs $250 a month. If you would like to be a part of training a future Community Church leader for God's work in Northeast Brazil please click on the Get Involved Link for how to donate. Donations of any size are appreciated and are tax deductible.