World Renewal volunteers need to raise funds for all expenses and airfare.

Contact World Renewal International for help with fundraising ideas.


World Renewal Brazil, the parenting ministry for the International School of Carpina, is a not-for-profit organization. Thus, we function primarily on generous donations from churches and individuals.

We strongly recommend the following budget:

Financial Information

World Renewal International is the sending agency for our teacher-missionaries who will teach at the International School of Carpina short-term (6 months).

Monthly expense:

You will want to raise support or save for the travel expenses, emergency fund, airfare, and of course other personal expenses. Your monthly expenses vary on your own needs and personal spending habits. You will need to raise funds for your meals outside of the school (the lunch meal is provided Monday-Friday), personal items, outings, souvenirs, transportation. We recommend  (like meals, personal items, local trips, outings, and souvenirs). We recommend raising $500 a month for your own expenses.


Round-trip from Indianapolis to Recife costs around $1,000 and up. (one-time expense, your ticket price will vary depending on where you travel from)


If you do not have a valid US passport you will need to get one as soon as possible after being accepted into the program.


You will need a tourist travel visa to visit Brazil. You can arrange to get your tourist visa with World Renewal International through their Visa Service Agency or if you would like you can attempt to retrieve it yourself. Please contact World Renewal International or see the Brazilian consulate’s website for your region. If you choose to get your visa yourself and are going through the Chicago consulate we can give you some important pointers. Around $200 (one-time expense)

Emergency Fund:

We recommend having at least an extra $500 in your bank as an emergency fund. Health care in this region is inexpensive and high quality, but it is important to prepare for unseen emergencies. Also, the cost of changing a plane ticket can be up to $350 (one-time)