About the Ministry

Church planter Ricardo Silva, his wife Kattia, and 3-year-old daughter Rebecca.History

            The school building started out as a hotel but has since been remodeled to fulfill our teaching needs. This includes 20 classrooms, a chapel/worship center,    administrative offices, a swimming pool, soccer field, 2 outdoor playgrounds, and cafeteria.

            With the growing demand for English speakers in the world, WRIBrazil decided that another effective way share God’s word was through the teaching of English. Not        only are Brazilians learning the language from actual English speakers, but also this skill will be something they can take with them through the rest of their lives.

Our Mission

As a school, the ISC strives to instill characteristics of future leaders in our students; help students reach their full physical, emotional, and spiritual potential;and share the love of Christ with each and every student.

It is the mission of the International School of Carpina to inspire development and excellence in those who attend, so that they may achieve their full academic, physical, emotional, and spiritual potential. We believe that by providing a Christian education we are equipping our students with the values of character that will prepare them to be the leaders of an ever-changing society.