To support the ministry of Alcance Brazil

  1. Pray for Alcance Brazil and send your email address to to receive updates.
  2. Send a check to World Renewal at P.O. Box 399 Greenfield IN 46140 Enclose a note with the check about what part of the ministry you want to support.
  3. Go with others to Brazil on a short term trip click on the short term trip link for more information.
  4. Send your used ink jet cartridge to Steven Turner at 9925 E 12th St Indianapolis IN 46229. The cartridges are sold and the money is used for the general fund of Alcance Brazil.
  5. Any item around the house you do not need and could be sold on EBay we will sell it and use the money for Alcance Brazil. Just call Steven Turner at 317 840 1270
  6. Donate online at Stewardship Technology We will slowly add all of the missionaries and categories to the online donation website.

  7. If you would like to setup an Auto-Recurring Donation you can fill out the online form or you can use that option for monthly support using the Stewardship online giving website.