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Steve & Ann Turner

In 1993 a small team of people from Brookville Road Community Church went down to Carpina, Brazil to explore the possibility of partnering with Telemaco and Heather Moraes to plant a church there. Steve Turner was on that trip and the whole experience and the people won his heart. Since then he has enthusiastically committed himself to helping by promoting the ministry in the U.S.A., leading short-term mission trips every summer, coordinating communications, housing visiting Brazilians, and partnering with sponsoring U.S. churches raising needed funds for the on-going work of Christ in Brazil. Steve became the representative for Brazil in 1998, with World Renewal International.

Steve worked as the Director/teacher of the Pike Support Academy in Pike Township Schools in Indianapolis. Those skills have served the ever growing Brazil ministry as well. In June of 2009 he became the full time representative for Brazil.

Ann, Steve's wife, has enjoyed participating in several short-term trips; teaching English, painting, and refinishing furniture. She has also seen to the housing needs of Tele and his family as well as other visiting pastors when they have come to Indianapolis for annual fall Missions Emphasis Week at various Community Churches as well as extended stays.

Steve and Ann's children, Julie and Jeffrey, grew up going to Brazil almost every summer and both of them have gone on to serve in Christian ministry as young adults. Julie Turner has served as Assistant Director of Mobilization for Crescent Project, a ministry that trains Christians to share the hope of their faith with Muslims, tutored a Muslim woman in English, trained in disaster relief, done construction for a New Orleans Katrina restoration project, she now works as an EMT with Care Ambulance.

Jeffrey Turner and his wife, Lindsay, are currently living at the ministry headquarters in Brazil where Jeff is Director of Communication and Technology, writing weekly blogs, working in the Print Shop and helping with duties at the International School. Lindsay is teaching English as a second language to the younger children in the school as well as performing other duties for the school. You can read more about them under their link

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