Teach in Brazil

World Renewal Brazil connects native English speaking Christians to the International School of Carpina.
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What We're Looking For

6 month teaching commitment

Start in February or August

Languages to know: ENGLISH

Meet Dia

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. - Proverbs 22:6

Diana Deli image
Diana Deli hails from Miskolc, Hungary and joined us for 6 months to help permanent staff teachers in the preschool department. She studied at Word of Life Hungary and also obtained her BS in Hungary. This was her first experience teaching in a school environment and she adapted well! Her creativity and experience with young children has really helped out the permanent staff. In her free time she enjoys baking cakes and listening to music.

What to Expect

Every teaching experience abroad is different. We want to make sure you are prepared and interested in our particular program before you make a decision. If you have not yet downloaded the brochure please do so, it may answer some of your basic questions.

On the job:

The USA and Brazil are very different countries in all aspects, including education. You may see and experience a lot of things that go against the “American way.” Keep focused on what is important: sharing the love of Christ with everyone around you!


self-motivated tasks

to be a team player

lesson planning

to be flexible

to keep your cool under pressure

Living in Brazil:

Brazilian culture is naturally warm and inviting. They have a strong love for people and generally won’t mind if you can’t communicate using Portuguese (the native language of Brazil).

Living arrangements

Teachers will be provided lodging, either in an apartment or the International school (there are living accommodations available there). A new option that is sometimes available to teachers is to stay with a Christian Brazilian host family. This would allow you the unique experience of being completely immersed in the culture and provide you with time to practice your Portuguese (Learning Portuguese is not required, but why not pick up the local language if you can?).


Where You Fit:

While the the ISC may recruit non-native speakers as teacher's aids or to teach non-English classes, it only recruits native-English speaking people teach the students English. This immersion technique starts at the lowest school level: Preschool.

Role of Teachers

The goal of English teachers at the International School is to create an environment of immersion in the English language, while always keeping in mind the importance of introducing students to Jesus.

About the school The school helps all children reach their full potentials by teaching Biblical character traits.

A Unique Learning Opportunity

01 The students are learning English from native English speakers.

02 Teachers focus on hands on activities and projects.

03 School is in session from 7:30am to 4pm and provides a lunch meal (most schools in the area dispense before lunch).

04 Although there is a tuition fee, many ministry children and other lower income students are offered a scholarship to attend.

English (EFL) classes are:

01 Grouped by age and/or ability level

02 Taught daily

03 Use an age and level based EFL/ESL curriculum

04 Required for all students in the school from age two to eleven


We are able to teach about Jesus to our students in our Bible classes, but the school also teaches Biblical character traits and verse memorization. Specifically, each week we focus on one character trait with a Bible verse. For example, when children learn about being respectful they may memorize 1 Peter 2:17. It is our hope that we can reach the families in the school through their children and plug them into Bible-believing churches.


School as a Ministry

The International School of Carpina was started in 2006. World Renewal Brazil, formed the school in order to spread God’s word through a different medium: children.

The school building started out as a hotel but has since been remodeled to fulfill our teaching needs. This includes 23 classrooms, a chapel/worship center, administrative offices, a swimming pool, soccer field, 2 outdoor playgrounds, and cafeteria.

With the growing demand for English speakers in the world, WRIBrazil decided that another effective way share God’s word was through the teaching of English. Not only are Brazilians learning the language from actual English speakers, but also this skill will be something they can take with them through the rest of their lives.
As a school, the ISC strives to instill characteristics of future leaders in our students; help students reach their full physical, emotional, and spiritual potential; and share the love of Christ with each and every student.

It is the mission of the International School of Carpina to inspire development and excellence in those who attend, so that they may achieve their full academic, physical, emotional, and spiritual potential. We believe that by providing a Christian education we are equipping our students with the values of character that will prepare them to be the leaders of an ever-changing society.