1. Connect with the people and ministries involved:
  2. World Renewal Brazil World Renewal Intl

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    Flavio's Blog

  3. Sign up for the monthly e-newsletter
  4. Write to amobrasil99@hotmail.com if you want more specific information about more opportunities
  5. Pray about going to Brazil. There are different opportunities, from teaching English to Short-Term trips. E-mail wribrazil@gmail.com
  6. Represent Living Stones to your world. Receive a packet of yearly events (request one at amobrasil99@hotmail.com) and then make people you know aware of them through social media, printed information, or church announcements. Something is always happening!
  7. January: Needs for a New year
  8. February: Carnaval Camp
  9. March/April: Easter Celebration (wribrazil.com/kitsforkids)
  10. May: Mother’s day Celebration (wribrazil.com/momentsformoms)
  11. June/July: Trek for Transportation: can’t come? Run your own! (wribrazil.com/trek)
  12. August: Birthdays and get your calendar (wribrazil.com/10forthem)
  13. September: Foundation Builders (wribrazil.com/foundationbuilders)
  14. October: Children’s day/Literacy (wribrazil.com/literacy)
  15. November: Thanksgiving: providing food for them (wribrazil.com/5for5)
  16. December: Christmas celebration and get your ornament (wribrazil.com/10forthem)