There is an overlooked resource in many of the poorest areas of the world: the local church. There are people who look at the needs of their community every day and live to make a difference. We assist them.

Over 41% (IFAD, Rural Poverty Portal, Brazil Statistics, 2009) of rural Brazil is in deep poverty (meaning living on less than $2.50 a day)

Living Stones equips local churches and volunteers who want to reach out to the poorest children in their community. We connect them and encourage them that their dream isn’t too big. We affirm their community ownership and remind them that they are not alone.

We are called Living Stones because children build our tomorrow. We are committed to working with local churches to LEND: providing Love, Education, Nutrition, and Direction, to our future—these precious children, often overlooked in their poverty.

"Let these little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

Like Compassion or World Vision, we work with children, families, and communities to help them break the cycle of poverty. The difference is that each program is based out of a local church run by local believers who are sharing Christ and providing the practical and eternal needs for those in poverty. Each program is designed for maximum impact for that community, whether it is distance ministry, weekend ministry, rural or urban ministry, or sports ministry.

We began in rural Brazil, as a pastor saw children in the street and an empty church building. They invited the children in and fed them, teaching them about God and furthering their education. For over 15 years, we’ve been God’s hands to thousands of children, and served hundreds of thousands of meals.

Our promise to you is transparency in all of our actions and finances, opportunity for you to get personally involved and visit these children, and connection with what is happening and God is doing through you and Living Stones.


  1. A growing church plant (if there was no previous church) and community outreach
  2. Sharing and receiving the love and saving power of Jesus
  3. Providing a safe place to learn spiritually, mentally, and physically; especially malnourished children receiving the nutritional health and hygiene they need
  4. Training for families to become self-sustainable, breaking the cycle of poverty
  5. Making and becoming leaders in the church and community


Connecting Brazil and the United States, Rachel and Caid Ferguson help plan, organize, and fundraise for Living Stones  and assist the Brazilian workers. They maintain the Living Stones blog (buildinglivingstones.blogspot.com) and social media, and visit churches, groups, and individuals raising awareness and support.
Rachel has been working with Living Stones since 2008, and has degrees in Child and Youth Character Development,  Early Childhood Education, General studies, and is working on her post-grad in Educational Psychology. Caid joined the team in 2013, and has degrees in Christian ministry and Urban Leadership.
Pastor Flavio and Mercia Travassos run the Living Stones programs (and church ministries) in Cajueiro Claro, Mussurepe, and Belem. Their goal is to plant 20 churches in Northeast Brazil, working with and through Living Stones. He has a Portuguese blog at nrrestauracao.blogspot.com. Flavio is finishing his degree at Northeast Bible seminary, and he and Mercia have Bachelor’s degrees in Social Work.

Other pastors and volunteers also work with Living Stones, including Pastor Ricardo Silva, volunteers from Firm Promise Baptist church, and those involved in Glory Sports ministries and Athletes in Action.

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