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Jeff & Lindsay are support staff for the church planting ministry, World Renewal Brazil. They are a communication link between Community Churches in Brazil and Community Churches in the United States.

About Jeff

About Lindsay

Jeff teaches technology classes at the International school. But, his main job is director of communication and technology. Which means he does all the updates for the blog site/website and is involved with the making of update videos and skype conversations.

Lindsay teaches English at the International School. The school is one of World Renewal Brazil’s first outreaches to the upper-middle class in the region. It also serves as a way to bring in revenue to further support church plants. One of the main attractions of the school is the comprehensive English courses taught by native speakers.

They now have permanent residency in Brazil because their daughter Melody was born in Brazil.

Jeff & Lindsay said "We want churches in the United States who support Community Churches in Brazil to feel included in what God is doing through World Renewal Brazil. We want the financial needs, prayer requests, and accomplishments of the ministry to be shared with churches everywhere."