I am partnering with World Renewal Brazil as the Director of Maintenance for the ministry in Brazil as a supporting role to the Brazilian nationals.  In essence I will be in charge with keeping, sustaining, continuing, upholding, carrying, preserving, and supporting what has already been established within the ministry as well as future work with new church plants and ministries.  I will harness my 20 plus years in the construction industry to coordinate plans of action for the various ministries of World Renewal Brazil.  I will plan, organize, and prepare construction teams from the United States and other countries to assure that their time will be best served in Brazil.  Other aspects of my duties will include the following.  Many of the impoverished kids do not have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty; I will help develop a plan in which partnering with the Living Stones program we will teach vocational skills to many of the children providing a means to escape the cycle of poverty.  Finally I will coordinate repair and maintenance projects for families that do not have the means to perform such projects on their own.  

Other opportunities that are not directly related to the job description that I will be participating with are the following.  I will preach regularly at the English services. Currently over 80 people attend the English services on Saturdays, many of the people do not know Christ.   I will teach vocational skills in a classroom environment to teenagers and interested adults.  Finally I will use my years of training in the martial arts alongside the Glory Sports ministry team reaching out to various communities.