How we do church planting. Matt 28:18-20.

From the time World Renewal Brazil started it has been the main goal of the ministry to plant churches in northeast Brazil. We believe that the best most kind thing that can be done for a community is to plant a new Bible-believing church.

We follow seven steps in planting a new church:

1. Identify where there is a need for a new church. To go into a new city or town to start a church, questions need to be asked. Does this city or town need a new church? The ministry has identified 440 town or cities in northeast Brazil with out an evangelical outreach of the gospel of Jesus Christ. You can see some of the cities that have been identified, by going to the map link and looking at the green arrows which point to future church plants.

2. Pray for the identified city. Pray for the cities, God does His best work when we pray. Before anyone even enters a town for evangalism they start to pray. They pray for people to be convicted of their sins, and see their need for a personal relationship with Jesus. They pray that God will raise up leaders in each city and pray for 10% of the city to come to Jesus Christ. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

3. Do city-wide outreaches using music, door to door visits, and open air meetings. Renewal Brazil often has evening street evangelism and other structured meetings.The ministry works to employ the gifts and abilities of members found in each of the churches for these events. The agenda of the outreach usually includes testimonies, preaching, music, puppets, or mime. After the event there is made a point to follow up with and disciple individuals who have made a decision for Christ. Small home groups are started with these people. (Colossians 1:28)

4. Start a Living Stones ministry, whenever possible. Living Stones is a ministry to the poor children in a city. Please see the link for more details about Living stones. As a pastor works with children in the community whole families are reached. When 25 children are sponsored a new work (and church) can start in that community. (1 Peter 2:4-5)

5. Send a trained pastor to go to the city to live. When a pastor from another city arrives in a new town to live, the people in the town take notice. Some even ask, “Why you would move to this city? It’s not a nice place to live.” A pastor living in the town gets to know people and they get to know him. Just by being a part of their community and their lives he shows love of Christ to the people there. He can start home bible study groups and visit the people for one-on-one evangelism.

6. Use medical and other short term trips for further outreach. The short term mission’s trips are the next way to help with church plants. Medical teams help the physical needs of the people and each person hears the gospel during their visit. The medical personnel from the US share their testimonies with the group of patients waiting to see the doctors. After the team leaves, each person is followed up within the next six month by local church people. Those with musical talent and those with construction skills also share with groups about the love of Christ. Construction teams work in churches and do local service projects showing the love of Jesus in a very visible way.

7. Have financial support for the new church plant on a 5 year plan. Its takes money to do this work. New church plants have a five year plan in place when they begin. 100% of the expenses for first year of a new church plant is supported by US and Brazil churches. The second year they are support for 75% of their expenses, the third year 50%, fourth year 25%, and by the fifth year 0%. By the fifth year the church should be self-sufficient and giving toward missions. The new church is encouraged to pray about starting another church within five years. A new church can be planted for around $750.00 a month.