Pastor Assuerio Naque and his family in 1997, along with three families from the Carpina congregation, established Paudalho Community Church. God began to bless their efforts and the congregation began to grow. “Living Stones”, the sponsorship of children of parents with a life-altering problem, began in August of 1999 by Pastor Assuerio and his wife, Marian, at Paudalho. Pastor Assuerio was visiting family in Paudalho when he came across many children playing in the street. Assuerio ask them where their parents where, the answer was, they did not know. Assuerio found out the mother was selling herself for money and the father was a drunk. Assuerio was so overcome with compassion for the children he went to Tele and asked what can we do. The answer started something special to feed them and teach them the Bible. Living stones is that program that started at that time.

The kids come to the Living Stones location (also the Church site on Sunday) five days a week. If there is family around they too can get help at the church location. Some of the mothers are hired to cook for the kids. Living Stones is trying to employ local poor families in the running of the program. As the community learns of this organization committed to helping the children, many adults become interested and involved. Just as the children learn Bible stories and respond to the Savior’s invitation, so their parents are drawn to a relationship with Christ. These families become the founding members of the “Day One” church that grows from their love for each other built upon Jesus. This is a great way to reach the lost in a community with no hope.

Community Church of Ameixas is the second church that Assuerio pastors. He spent time in Africa trying to plant churches but it was not God’s time. After he has a pastor trained to take over at Ameixas he will go back to Africa to plant churches. Assuerio's heart is in Africa and he hopes to go back in 2014. At this time Assuerio is reaching the lost in this city of 6,800 people.